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  1. Where can I find A.Ayam restaurant?
  2. What time do you open?
    • We are open everyday! From 10AM to 12AM (Bengkurong Branch) , 11AM to 1AM (Gadong Branch) except on Friday, we are closed from 12PM to 2PM.
  3. Where can I browse the A.Ayam’s menu?
    • You may browse our menu on this link.
  4. Can I order bulk for party set?
    • Absolutely! Please feel free to talk with our representative by calling us at Bengkurong Branch +673-2650471 (Restaurant) or +673-8181082 (Whatsapp.
    • Gadong Branch +673 2345201 (Restaurant) or +673 8363996 (Whatsapp)
  5. Is the food served in A.Ayam’s restaurant halal?
    • All our food and drinks are 100% halal. We received the halal certificate from MUIB (The Islamic Religious Council of Brunei).
  6. What are the accepted payment methods in your restaurants?
    • We accept payment in the form of Cash , BIBD Quickpay and Card
  7. I would like to start a franchise in my country. How do I go about doing so?
  8. Do you have delivery service?
    • Yes , our delivery services are start from 10 am – 10 pm, kindly contact us Bengkurong Branch  +673-2650471 (Restaurant) or +673-8181082 (Whatsapp).
    • Gadong Branch  +673 2345201 (Restaurant) or +673 8363996 (Whatsapp). For Temburong , Belait & Tutong will use 3rd party.

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