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A.Ayam™ Franchise FAQs

  1. I’m interested in owning my own A.Ayam restaurant. How do I get started?
    • It’s easy! First, you send us your request for information by filling in this form. Please select the subject as ‘Franchising’, type in your message and click submit. Our franchise team will gladly assist you for the next step. Or, send a message to our franchise team directly through our email:
  2. How much is the license fee?
    • The license fee is USD 10,000. However, if you are the first 10 franchisees (per country), you will be entitled 50% discount on the license fee. If you need more information regarding our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. How much does it cost to open an A.Ayam restaurant?
    • The cost varies on the country you are planning to open. The total investment is estimated at USD 100,000.00 for 500 square feet start-up store. Which includes furniture and fittings; equipment; start-up stocks; rent and operation; location; permits & licenses; marketing and advertising.
  4. How much are the royalty and advertising fees?
    • The royalty fee is USD 400.00 or maximum cap at 5% of the gross sale (whichever is higher) and there will be no advertising fee.
  5. Is financing available?
    • Currently, it is not available but we might have that option in the future. However, we have another offer for you! Let’s talk with our franchise team for more information.
  6. Will there be training and support?
    • Absolutely! we will be giving training and support for all our franchisees and the employees too, all in all, we are on the same team!
  7. Do I need a previous restaurant or franchising experience to become an A.Ayam franchise owner?
    • No! You don’t have to have a prior restaurant or franchising experience to become our franchisee because we will provide you with the training.
  8. I am eager to start. How long does the opening process typically take?
    • It depends on the regulators and government agencies, the rough estimation will be around eight (8) months to a year and you will be up and running your own A.Ayam restaurant by then.
  9. I am a landlord with available property that would be ideal for an A.Ayam restaurant location. Would A.Ayam be interested in my location?
    • Of course! We will be glad to discuss this matter with you. You may get in touch with our franchise team and let’s talk!
  10. Do you have a franchise brochure that I can view?
  11. How can I apply?
    • If you’ve got what it takes to franchise with A.Ayam, go ahead and take the first step. Apply now! Or maybe you want to request for more information first? Click here!
  12. I have more questions about how to get started, who can I contact?
    • If you have additional questions or would like to talk, you can contact with one of our friendly franchise team.