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visit2.jpg We have been serving Bruneian with our simply succulent food since 2002. As the first QSR in Brunei to obtain halal certification, we are proud to serve the crowds with high quality food and friendly service. Our homemade recipe is one of our keys to success that has been maintained since we launched our first branch. After more than 15 years A.Ayam Restaurant is still thriving in providing the best quality of products and services.
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In 2017, A.Ayam Restaurant undergoes a rebranding by changing the logo of the company from very bland looking logo to noticeable and eye catching logo that can express welcoming and cosy place. Rebranding.png


2in1 concept.png We have 2 in 1 concept under one licence fee. By having franchising with us you’ll be able to open two different types of dining concept under one roof – A.Ayam Restaurant and Marcia’s Brew & Café. A.Ayam Restaurant and Marcia’s Brew & Café portray a welcoming atmosphere that is identifiable right from the exterior of the shop to the first interaction with our employees. Diners will be able to enjoy A.Ayam’s simply succulent food and Marcia’s freshly brewed coffee at the same time.


With the 50% off of the license fee, we wanted to make it affordable for anyone with vision who wanted to start off their first profitable and proven business model for QSR. Affordable.png


Comprehensive Menu.png As an owner of the restaurant, we believe that you want to maximize customer spend throughout the day, from breakfast; lunch; hi-tea; dinner and supper. Having a variety of menus of local favourites and authentic flavours of Southeast Asia helps the crowds in making up their choices. Enough for them to visit the restaurant for every meal!